Elizabeth Zeller


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Artist Name: Elizabeth A. Zeller

Medium: egg tempera, oil paint, bronze,

Location: Independence, MO

Elizabeth Zeller studied liturgy, church history, Gregorian chant, restoration, illumination and iconography. Currently she teaches Iconography and Illumination as well as mosaic and bronze work at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. She is also developing an “Institute of Divine Art” at Benedictine College. The Institute will be entered into membership with the European Institute of Divine Art based in Vienna, Austria. This group named “Imago” was founded by Cardinal Schoenborn, Archbishop of Vienna, and has five European countries in membership. Benedictine College will be the first American member.

Besides her religious artwork Elizabeth is a member of the “Oil Painters of America”, and the “Mid America Pastel Society”. She is President of the Greater Kansas City Art Association after serving as Vice-President.

Elizabeth is an international award winning painter and sculptor. Her work is represented in monasteries and churches, museums, galleries as well as private and corporate collections in the USA, Israel and Europe.

About her work she says the following:

“Like liturgy, the tradition of painting icons goes back to early Christian era. The second council of Nicea (787AD) defined icons as the “written Word of God.” In this respect I like to select themes as well as materials named in the Bible. Since tradition is useful in many respects I prefer to build and paint in the ancient way using the same methods iconographers used in the early centuries and natural materials God has created by his words.”

“In my images of Christ I try to give my greatest attention to following the Crede which proclaims Jesus as “God from God” and “light from light.” Because of his Divine nature I cannot portray Jesus as only human.”

“In paintings as well as in sculptures, I try to do my work in a way that the final image never strives to stir emotions of the viewer. In my understanding Sacred Art shall guide to the inner silence, to the stillness and awe, where God can touch the heart and contemplation can happen, prayer will follow and heaven will touch the earth.”


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