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 EnVision Church: What we’re about…

     EnVision Church is The Georgetown Center for Liturgy’s interactive online resource concerned with liturgy, spirituality, and sacred art and architecture.  It is a forum for learning, sharing, networking, and conversation among:

»    various professionals who assist faith communities with building and/or renovating places of worship and with commissioning artwork;

»    parish leaders, building/renovation committees, parishioners engaged in liturgical ministries, including art and environment committees, and facility/maintenance staff;

»    diocesan building/renovation and facilities commissions and offices; and

»    everyone who is interested in the intersections between liturgy, theology, spirituality, sacred art and architecture.

    In keeping with the mission of The Georgetown Center for Liturgy, EnVision Church is committed to fostering the renewal envisioned by the Second Vatican Council and rooted in the richness of the liturgical tradition.  EnVision Church is guided by these principles:

»    Liturgy (1) offers a primary means for people to encounter and respond to the Mystery of the Triune God; (2) constitutes and expresses the church’s identity; (3) forms worshipers as ministers of justice and peace, realized in right relationships with God, the human community, and all of creation; (4) is an essential source of nourishment for a Christian life characterized by contemplation, conversion, and discipleship.

»    The Sacred is revealed in diverse cultures in a global context; thus, liturgical celebrations must be sensitive to this ongoing revelation.

»    Liturgy, spirituality, theology, and the arts are inseparable.

The articles and images on the EnVisionChurch site include a variety of perspectives and opinions, which are not necessarily the perspectives and opinions of the staffs of The Georgetown Center for Liturgy and/or EnVisionChurch.

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EnVisionChurch Staff:

+Rev. Lawrence J. Madden, S.J., (1933 - 2011)
   Editorial Director of EnVisionChurch
   Director and Founder, The Georgetown Center for Liturgy
   Washington, DC

Johan van Parys, Ph.D., Artistic Director of EnVisionChurch
   Director of Liturgy and the Sacred Arts, Basilica of Saint Mary
   Minneapolis, MN

EnVisionChurch Board of Consultants:

Michael J. Boreskie, B.A., M.Arch., MAA
    Architect/Artist/Liturgical Design Consultant
    Winnepeg, Manitoba  Canada

John Buscemi, M.Div., M.A.
    Liturgical Artist and Design Consultant
    Albany, Wisconsin  U.S.A.

Jennifer Close, Ph.D.
    Liturgist and Liturgical Artist
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Paul Covino, M.A.
    Associate Chaplain and Director of Liturgy
    The College of the Holy Cross
    Worcester, Massachusetts  U.S.A.

Michael E. DeSanctis, Ph.D.
    Professor of Fine Arts/Worship Space Design Consultant
    Gannon University
    Erie, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Elizabeth Devereaux
    Artist & Owner
    Devereaux Architectural Glass
    Chico, California U.S.A.

Carol Frenning, ACLS
    Liturgical Design Consultant
    Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A.

Ken Griesemer, AIA, ACLS
    Architect/Liturgical Artist and Design Consultant
    Albuquerque, New Mexico U.S.A.

Rev. Patrick (Paddy) Jones
    Director, National Centre for Liturgy
    Maynooth, Co Kildare Ireland

J. David Richen, AIA
    Architect and Consultant
    Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

Rev. Richard Vosko, Ph.D.
    Designer and Consultant for Worship Environments
    Clifton Park, New York  U.S.A.

David Wood, M.A.
    Director, Office of Worship
    The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
    Houston, Texas U.S.A.

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