Contact was the product of the Georgetown University Center for Liturgy, which was closed in 2011 following the untimely death of its founder, Father Larry Madden, S.J.


Icons and Liturgy

In 1998 I was privileged to study iconography and fresco with Fr. Egon Sendler, an Eastern rite Jesuit priest residing in France and author of The Icon: Image of the Invisible.

Photo by Kathy Sievers.

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Speaking of Silence: The Languages of Sacred Space

"How can a faith community support personal prayer as well as weekly assembly for Eucharist and other group activities?  One answer lies in creating or setting aside space designated for contemplation."  John Cuningham and David Keller describe the inspiration and design of an oratory at the Episcopal House of Prayer in Collegeville, Minnesota, USA.

Photos provided by Cunningham Group Architecture, P.A.

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