Lucinda Naylor


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Artist:    Lucinda Naylor
Medium:  textiles, bronze, egg tempera, linoleum cuts, etc.
Location:    Minneapolis, MN
Artist's Statement:

Saint Anyhony preaching to the fish"The first memory I have of myself as an artist dates back to when I was three years old. The night before I had been to an amusement park and, even from the ground, the Ferris Wheel lit up at night overawed me. The next day, I noted with amazement that the creases on the palm of my hand reflected the spokes and the curves of the Ferris Wheel. Using a blue pen I traced the Ferris Wheel on my hand, adding lights and people, so that my hand pulsed with the vibrancy I’d seen at the amusement park. With pride and excitement at my artistic achievement I ran to show my mother….who made me wash my hand.

Everything that was compelling to me about seeing and drawing the Ferris Wheel is still present in my art and the act of making it: the allure of darkness and color; tension and movement; a sense of wonder, play, and danger. Only now, nobody makes me wash my hands."

Representative Work(s):  The Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis, MN.


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