Trinity Benedictine Monastery - Fujimi, Japan

March 07, 2007

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In a society that is mostly non-Christian in profession, Trinity Benedictine Monastery, including its chapel, built of brick, wood, and concrete, offers a beautiful and stable place for worship, retreat, and dialogue. Throughout Japan, due to the predominance of Shintoism and Buddhism, there are many stone markers, shrines, burial monuments, and temples--all of these of various sizes and quantities--from the middle of the woods to the middle of the city. A spirit of "The Community of Saints/Holy Ones/Ancestors" permeates the country. The monastery seeks to know and to contribute to this Spirit through its Christian faith.

Rev. Tony Gorman, OSB is a monk of St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, MN.  He is presently living at Trinity Benedictine Monastery in Fujimi, Japan.