Phyllis Lehmberg


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Artist: Phyllis Lehmberg
Medium: Textiles
Location: Santa Fe, NM

Artist's Statement:
Advent vestmentMy interest in embroidery was awakened when I saw an exhibit on Opus Anglicanum which hit its peak in the 12th and 13th centuries in England until the Black Death ravaged the country. Opus Anglicanum which was known for the beauty of the designs and the splendid technical skill
used the fine metal threads of the period to execute the designs.

After seeing this exhibit I began the process of learning to work with metal Red silk vestment
threads and to study various embroidery techniques. I also began looking at the current scene of vestments and hangings used in a liturgical setting and how these could reflect both architecture and theology. It is also important for me to know and digest the ideas specified by the person(s) in charge of the commission beyond the
liturgical season in terms of color and symbol. Symbols that have come down to us through the centuries can be re-interpreted to give them fresh understanding to the observer.

I work primarily in silk using a combination of silk appliqué and embroidery to interpret my designs all of which are done for specific commissions and not repeated.


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