Scott Sullivan


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Artist Name: Scott Sullivan

Medium: Sculptor and Ceramist

Location: Hyattsville, Maryland
Jonah in the whaleScott Francis Sullivan, holds a Fine Arts degree with a studio major in Ceramics and a minor in Art History from the College of Fine Arts, West Virginia University, USA. His studio work focused on early American and British pottery.

Scott has served as pottery instructor and art lecturer and as curator of numerous religious art exhibits in the Washington, DC area. He has also served as President and Co-Founder of ARS - Artists for a Renewed Society.

Saint DominicFor over two decades, Scott's sculpture and pottery has been exhibited in the United States and his sculpture commissions may be found in private collections, churches, and chapels in the United States and Europe. In October 2004 Scott's work was featured in a sculpture exhibit in Rome, Italy at the Pontifical Gregorian University.

In response to Pope John Paul II's Letter to Artists, the focus of Scott's creative work has been to give artistic expression to Christian faith in sculpture, pottery and bas-relief. Scott's work unites faith with artistic skill and fine craftsmanship to evoke in visual form the mystery of God's revelation to humanity in Jesus Christ. Working primarily in the age-old medium of terracotta, his sculptures and ceramic bas-relief are a "visual Gospel" aimed at inspiring a deepened faith through artistic beauty. Through sculpture Scott seeks to evoke in visual form the mystery of God in "epiphanies of beauty" that reflect the dignity of the human person created and sustained by God.


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