Sarah Hall


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Artist: Sarah Hall
Medium: Stained Glass
Location: Ontario, Canada
Photo Credits: Andre Beneteau, Toronto, Canada

As a stained glass artist, I live and work with color and light. The work I do is almost always integrated into architecture; every project has its genesis in the practical essentials of light, scale, texture, interior and exterior environment. Beyond that, each window is a channel of colour and light that seeks a poetic relationship with the architecture and expresses its community in an intuitive and meaningful way.

Windows are a catalyst for my personal journey. There is a point in every artwork when all of the separate elements - the practical, the physical, the spiritual, the material - coalesce. Here, the design takes on a life of its own, and begins to form a delicate bridge between ideas, feelings and unseen dimensions. It is connected to and an extension of my life experiences.
Art can open doors, illuminate the possible, and forge a connection with the spiritual.

Sarah Hall is also the co-author (with Bob Shantz) of Windows On Our Souls: A Spiritual Excavation (Ottawa, Ontario: Novalis, 2007).


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