Paul Tonnes


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Artist: Paul Tonnes
Medium: Photographic Artist
Location: Seattle
Photo Credits: Paul Tonnes

Artist's Statement

Thinking of JobI am interested in exploring the relationships between faith, myth, mystery, and their connection to the human experience. I gather materials and inspiration from a variety of sources. Virtually everything I read, experience, listen to, and feel has potential to be synthesized into my art. Often I embark on intense periods of study. I dive head first into deep pools of iconography, philosophy, poetry, art history, or color theory. While immersed in study, I am always thinking of ways that I can translate what I am learning into something visual.

From the WellMy translation is sometimes literal, sometimes remote. Sometimes what flows out is a surprise to me, a combination of my subconscious, and the constraints of the material I am working with. I am strongly influenced by the artist and poet William Blake, with a splash of the writings of Nikos Kazantzakis, Ovid, and Saint Paul added to the mix.


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