Roberto Chiotti


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Architect: Roberto Chiotti
Architectural Firm: Larkin Architect Limited
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Photo Credits: Larkin Architect Limited

Larkin Architect Limited- Architectural Statement

 Having rejected the current popular trend towards architectural form-making that is self-referential, Larkin Architect Limited has re-established a cosmological framework for architecture that is deeply rooted in the eco-theology of Father Thomas Berry, CP. Recognizing the earth as a single sacred community, we deliver designs that preserve precious natural resources, respect diversity of life, minimize carbon emissions, and provide healthy indoor environments.

 Every new commission is approached from first principles; every unique opportunity and challenge that invariably presents itself is engaged to create design solutions that are client-centred and project specific.  Incorporation of the Integrated Design Process and the LEED® Green Building Rating System is office standard practice.

 We appreciate the benefits realized to all participants through the interdisciplinary team approach to problem solving.  For each new project, we assemble a consultant team with the appropriate range of design and analytical expertise that comes together as a result of various academic and professional relationships, along with like-minded values surrounding issues of sustainability, urban design, and client-centred solutions.  Our firm is engaged in the practice of architecture because we strongly believe that designing buildings as though the earth is our client can provide a significant, meaningful, and cost-effective contribution towards ameliorating climate change and achieving a mutually-enhancing, human-earth relationship.

Roberto Chiotti, B.E.S., B.Arch., M.T.S., OAA, MRAIC, LEED®AP


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