Guy Kemper


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Artist:         Guy Kemper   
Location:    Versailles, Kentucky, U.S.A.
Photos:       provided by Guy Kemper

Artist’s Design Philosophy for Liturgical Art:

Christ's headUpon receiving a religious commission, I first address thematic and liturgical issues that the congregation wants to explore. We then discuss how my work will integrate with the space. What is the color climate of the room? What is the orientation of the building and how will light move through the sanctuary? What is outside the windows- do we want to see it or is it best not to? These and many other questions must be asked in conjunction with what the windows will mean. As in medieval churches, truly successful religious art must both satisfy theme and integrate with the building to create a sacred environment. 

Transcendent VeilWhat glass as a material does best is to act as a vehicle to the sublime. Though abstract, my work is rooted in recognizable symbolism and natural phenomena. I feel refracted light may inspire a greater degree of illumination than literal narration. I don’t explain everything; I merely crack open a door to the Mystery.   

In a world bombarded with noise and distraction, it is my wish as a religious artist not to add to this cacophony but to provide a respite from it. I want my windows to be peaceful and strong. 

Finally, I want to say that love underlies my work and I hope that quality is evident within it.





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