Dorothy Woodward


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Artist: Dorothy Woodward, ssj

Location: Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Photos: Dorothy Woodward, ssj

Artist Statement:

St. Francis"Working full time for the last few years in liturgical art has meant responding to a wide variety of requests: lead light window designs for churches, hospitals and schools; banners for liturgical celebrations; symbols for sacred spaces; colored and black and white images for significant feast days and occasions; illustrations for poetry and stories.

Inspiration comes from reading and listening, from nature and music and sharing ideas with others. I believe in the power of art to be life affirming in a highly visual world that is constantly bombarded by images of consumerism, greed, violence, injustice, etc. It is a way for me to be authentic, to give expression to positive values and to present the message of the Scriptures in (hopefully) a fresh way."




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