Michael R. Kapetan


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Artist: Michael R. Kapetan

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Photos: provided by Michael R. Kapetan

"My work proceeds in three currents.

OUr Lady of Good Council CrucifixFirst, I create liturgical images and objects for various faiths and denominations, striving to master the variety of styles and symbols called for by diverse spiritual traditions, and trying to harmonize my work to the architectural setting. I find myself enriched by collaborating with clergy, laity and architects. 

In all of the sacred art that I create, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, or Jewish, I am guided by five interlocking principles:

1. The work must serve the liturgical and ceremonial needs of the religion.

2. The work must reflect the wishes, goals, hopes, and vision of the faith community.

3. The work must harmonize with the church design and architectural setting.

4.  The work must respect the traditions of spiritual art of the given faith.

5.  The work must be of the highest level of artistic originality and craftsmanship.

Since 1980, I have created liturgical art for all of the major denominations of the Christian faith and for the Jewish faith.  I have made altars, pulpits, ambos, tabernacles, crucifixes, sculptures of saints, martyrs, and popes, icons, icon screens, memorial images, trees of life, and others.

Second, I create abstract sculptures in which I try to probe beneath the surface appearance of the world to find the dynamic interplay of energies at the heart of matter, to bring the realm of the invisible into sight, to create a sort of visual music.

Third, I create unique, original solar sculptures -- seasonal sundials and participatory sundials -- that I hope can momentarily draw us into an intensified relationship to the earth and sky.

In all my work, I try to inform the spiritual images with the precision of the scientific images and to inform the scientific images with the grace of the spiritual.  And I try to bring a keen sense of abstract clarity to them all."


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