Craig Alan Huber


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Artist: Craig Alan Huber

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Photos: Craig Alan Huber

Artist's Statement:
New Mexico Reservation"I seek to communicate the power of timeless simplicity, which conveys nature's design. My vision hinges often on mixing abstraction with reality in a way that will make the viewer evaluate the image at face value as well as pause to imagine the possibilities of what's behind the image.
The natural world that surrounds us plays a key role in what I see. In some views I seek to capture the intricate elegance nature alone displays. In other views, when a human-made structure or object is included, I endeavor to capture the grace of the object and its harmony with neighboring environs. These environs may range from a grand landscape, an urban setting, or a portion of either, sometimes only depicted as a distinct segment taken out of the larger context.
My goal is to have the viewer take away a good feeling about the visual character of the natural world, including those instances when humankind has had a positive influence. Working primarily with film to print in Silver or Platinum / Palladium, I employ classic wet darkroom techniques. I believe in permanence, and to that end I craft images using archival processes."


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