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The Lord Shall Watch Over Your Going Out and Your Coming In

February 24, 2009


Go in Peace!Editor's Note: The paragraphs below are quoted from John Hill’s article, “The Lord Shall Watch Over Your Going Out and Your Coming In," which first appeared in the Fall 2007 issue of OPEN, the journal of Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission (APLM). To read the entire article, please click here to link to the article in PDF form. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

"The two least appreciated and most commonly corrupted elements of the Eucharist may be the Gathering and the Sending.  Both tend to accumulate pious elements that leave the sense and intention of Gathering and Sending obscure.  Frequently, both seem unconnected with the actual pattern of life of those who gather and are sent.

The relation of Gathering and Sending to the celebration as a whole needs to be better understood.  Both function as transitions between ritual time and 'real' time.  But rather than being seen merely as the 'book-ends' of the liturgy of word and sacrament, they can better be seen as 'book-ends' of the liturgy of daily life of the Christian people.  The Sending is a commissioning for the varied ministries of service in the world, and the Gathering is a summation -- a gathering up of the threads -- of those ministries which are to be offered to God in prayer."

Click here to read entire article (PDF).

Canon John Hill is the Rector of the Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto and memeber of the Council of APLM (Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission).

Photo by Mike Jensen


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