The building for our worship together is domus Dei (house of God) and house of the Church, that is, the baptized assembly, the Body of Christ.  It is a place of encounter -- with Christ and with the Church.  Thus, we build and renovate our churches with the greatest of love and care.  Essential to the process are prayerful reflection, thoughtful study, wise discernment, collaboration among individuals and communities, and a long-term vision.  EnVisionChurch will feature church building and renovation projects, as well as articles addressing various facets of church design, church construction, & preservation of historic churches.  Suggestions? E-mail us:

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Speaking of Silence: The Languages of Sacred Space

"How can a faith community support personal prayer as well as weekly assembly for Eucharist and other group activities?  One answer lies in creating or setting aside space designated for contemplation."  John Cuningham and David Keller describe the inspiration and design of an oratory at the Episcopal House of Prayer in Collegeville, Minnesota, USA.

Photos provided by Cunningham Group Architecture, P.A.

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Reconfiguring Parish: Some Impacts of Catholic Sacramental Imagination

Michael Weldon, OFM writes, "American Catholics are attached to their churches.  One of most troubling issues emerging from the attempts to restructure parishes in different the intense conflict that arises among people with the reconfiguring of local church.  [It] likewise reveals a unique American meaning of sacred space at the affective level of the heart."

Photo by Michael Jensen of the Church of the Ascension, Minneapolis, MN

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