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Any building or renovation project involves many things to consider, e.g., choosing an architect, working with a liturgical design consultant, employing artists, determining acoustical needs, ensuring the space is accessible to all, raising needed funds.  The articles here will help address the many tasks of building or renovating a worship space.

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Mitigating Problems in Large Worship Spaces - Part 2

This is Part 2 of Robert Kropac's 2-part article about the challenges and advantages of large worship spaces.

Read Part 1.

Photo: Saint Mary's Cathedral, Killarney, Ireland; provided by Padraíg McIntyre

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Mitigating Problems in Large Worship Spaces - Part 1

"Large worship spaces certainly present challenges to communities faced with building them, utilizing them well, or adapting them in changing times.  They also present many advantages that might not be as easily achieved in a more modest space."  Robert Kropac addresses these challenges and advantages.

This is Part 1of a 2-part article.  Read Part 2.

Photo of Christ the Light Cathedral in Oakland provided by Daniel Miller.

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