Our worship spaces, exterior and interior, are works of art.  The art of and in our worship spaces is meant to support and enhance our prayer rituals.  It can reveal the Mystery of God and through its beauty invite us to be present to the Sacred Presence in our midst.

EnVisionChurch will regularly feature the work and reflections of contemporary artists, architects and liturgical design consultants.  In addition, we will offer articles on a variety of topics, e.g., religious art, iconography, church furniture and furnishings.  If you would like to make the EnVisionChurch staff aware of artists, architects and/or liturgical design consultants whose work we ought to consider featuring or a topic you would like to see addressed, please e-mail us at

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Icons and Liturgy

In 1998 I was privileged to study iconography and fresco with Fr. Egon Sendler, an Eastern rite Jesuit priest residing in France and author of The Icon: Image of the Invisible.

Photo by Kathy Sievers.

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Come and eat, come and drink; Be seated at the Table of the Lord!

Today, not unlike throughout our entire liturgical history, altars come in all sorts of shapes, forms, and materials. One of the most important criteria is that they are to be able to bear the weight of the mystery which is celebrated on them. This exhibit shows but a small selection of contemporary altars created by artists around the world.

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