There are always many practical considerations regarding sacred art, such as its preservation and restoration; its disposition when a church is closed; whether to invest in commissioned or catalog art; the need to inventory and archive a parish's art collections.  What other issues need to be considered?  E-mail us:

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To Use or Not to Use? Mass Production v. Original Art for Use in Liturgy

John Vogelpohl explores important issues related to the use of mass-produced (v. one-of-a-kind) items in liturgy.

Photo: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem. Mono-print by artist Lucinda Naylor and master printer Steve Andersen. Photographed by Mike Jensen. 

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Parish Consolidations: Using Art and Artifacts

"No two parish mergers are exactly the same, but some common activities may assist parishes that are in this process leading to a new single place of worship."  Mark Joseph Costello offers advice to parishes that will be consolidated, especially regarding the use of art and artifacts.

Photo of parishioners breaking ground for Holy Family Parish in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin was provided by Mark Joseph Costello.

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