Online Exhibits

EnVisionChurch invites you to tour our Online Exhibits.  We are currently planning an exhibit of images of  tabernacles, ancient and contemporary, and welcome your submissions of photos:  We also invite your ideas for future exhibits.

Come and eat, come and drink; Be seated at the Table of the Lord!

Today, not unlike throughout our entire liturgical history, altars come in all sorts of shapes, forms, and materials. One of the most important criteria is that they are to be able to bear the weight of the mystery which is celebrated on them. This exhibit shows but a small selection of contemporary altars created by artists around the world.

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Celebrating the Communion of Saints

The newest exhibit, “Celebrating the Communion of Saints,” opens as we  celebrate the solemnity of All Saints and the feast of All Souls. Although these great liturgical days have lost some of their popularity, they are nonetheless important. It is good to ponder the lives of the saints and it is good to remember our deceased family members and friends.

Art: Archangel Raphael by Gabriel Vigil, Santa Fe, NM. Photo: Michael Jensen, Minneapolis, MN

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