In what ways does art help us to pray?  How does it form our faith and shape our spirituality?  What is art's relationship to liturgy and popular devotions?  How is it expressive of the cultures within a faith community?  How can the identity of the community be best expressed through the art in its worship spaces?  What does one need to know when working with artists?  These are only some of the questions that will be addressed in "Reflections" on Art.

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A Brief History of Spiritual Art

"The Spirit has motivated art-making over time in many cultures.  Spiritual art offers a transient experience of intensity that reflects the realm of larger truths."  Linda McCray writes.

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Sacred Art and Diverse Expression in Worship

Claire Wing writes, "With this shift in demographics [in the North American church], as borders become bridges, re-imagining how to weave ourselves together in communal prayer, how to transcend differences in language, cultural expression, and socio-ethnic diversity, the essential role of sacred art and music becomes ever more apparent." Photo: Claire Wing.

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