Liturgy and Justice

Liturgy and justice are inseparable in the Christian imagination.  Read more here about this critical relationship and its implications for Christian living.

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Eucharist and Justice

Professor Gerard Moore, now Director (Research) at the Sydney (Australia) College of Divinity, wrote this reflection in 2000 on the occasion of the Year of Jubilee.  EnVisionChurch is grateful for his permission to reprint this booklet, which was first published by the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council.  Artist of image titled "Peace": Koffi Mbairamadji

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The Justice Dimension of Our Prayers

Gerard Moore asks, "Do the parts of the Mass invite us to be a people of social justice?"

Image: "Jesus took up his Cross" from Stations of the Cross at Christ the Teacher Chapel at the University of Portland; photo credit: Johan van Parys, Minneapolis, MN

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