In what ways does the liturgy form the baptized for everyday Christian living?  Does the liturgy teach?  What do the baptized bring to the liturgy?  What is catechesis for, about, in and through the liturgy?  What questions do you have?  Write us at

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To Live and Learn: What Does Liturgy Teach?

"What liturgy teaches us is infinite.  The formative process of liturgy is inexhaustible, because the way in which God is actively involved in this very world, in our very lives, is inexhaustible.  The what knows no limited because God knows no limits in loving us, inviting us, stretching us, calling us to become more and more the people God knows us to be."  Anne Koester writes.  Photo credit: Paul Covino

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Catechumenate -- Where Is the Content?

Jim Schellman, Executive Director of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate, discusses the faith formation of the Church's catechumens.  At the same time, his reflections offer food for thought for pastoral leaders concerned with the faith formation of the already baptized.  Photo credit: Timothy Prahlow. 

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