In the Catholic tradition, popular devotions are an important source of spiritual nourishment; therefore, EnVisionChurch will look at various aspects of popular devotions, for example, the practice of, place for, artistic expressions of, and relationship with liturgy.  We welcome your suggestions for topics, too.  Please e-mail us at

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Our Devotion to Devotions: Catholic and Otherwise

"The whole area of devotion has come alive again in Catholic circles...  This is leanding to a reappraisal of any hard and fast differentiation between liturgy and devotions, with both coming to be seen more and more as intertwined in the horizons and practice of worship."  Gerard Moore writes.  Photo credit: Vincent MB Pinpin

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There's Prayer...and Then There's Prayer

Joyce Ann Zimmerman reflects on the relationship between liturgical prayer and devotional prayer.

Photo of Mary Procession by Mike Jensen.

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