Liturgical Celebrations

EnVisionChurch will feature here articles on various aspects of liturgical celebrations, from ideas for preparing particular celebrations to suggestions for multicultural and multilingual celebrations.  If you have questions you want addressed or ideas to share, e-mail us

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Saying Goodbye to Venerable Places: Rites for Leave Taking in Religious Houses

"What kind of rite and pastoral care might be employed when vowed religious communities leave a venerable place of their history or surrender its care to the local diocese?"  Michael Weldon, OFM shares two recent experiences of this and looks at some resources and ritual paradigms for leave-taking venerable places of religious presence.

Photo by Johan van Parys of the Franciscan Church in Tielt, Belgium founded in the 17th C. left by the Franciscan Order in 2006.

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Enthroning the Book of the Gospels

Mark Joseph Costello writes, "The suggestion that the ambo be the place for enthronement (display) [of the Book of the Gospels] seems to have become a custom in some areas, though there is no historical precedent or official directive to support this prior to the suggestion that this may occur in [the U.S. Bishops'] Built of Living Stones."  Photo credit: Anne Koester 

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