Through the sacraments, we encounter Christ in a special way.  We ritualize life-changing moments on the Christian journey, and we live out of these sacramental celebrations day-by-day, by saying Amen to them with our lives.  We will explore the many dimensions of the sacraments and their celebrations.  We welcome your ideas -- e-mail us at

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In Persona Christi: Acting in Christ's Name

"At liturgy, the faithful symbolize and actualize Christ's offering of his whole body to the Father.  They intentionally join themselves to Christ in offering their own spiritual sacrifices, which then take on transcendent value because of their solidarity with Christ.  The faithful give themselves to God in the name of Christ (in Latin: in persona Christi)...."  Paul Philibert, O.P. reflects on the meaning of in persona Christi.

Photos by Michael Jensen

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Take This Cup...

Joyce Ann Zimmerman invites us to a deeper appreciation of both the gift and challenge of receiving the eucharistic Cup.

Photos by Mike Jensen, Minneapolis, MN

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