Spirituality is a popular topic these days, and there are countless approaches to it.  Christians might speak about spirituality in terms of their presence to the Sacred, their relationship with the Triune God and all God has created, living in Christ, and being open to the Spirit.  These are a few of the many ways in which to describe what is so essential to Christian identity. 

What shapes our spirituality?  There are many sources: solitary and communal prayer, the scriptures, participation in sacramental rites, relationships with others, sacred reading, our daily work, art, music, etc.  EnVisionChurch will offer reflections on how the Church's worship life nourishes Christian spirituality.  If you have suggestions for topics, e-mail us at envisionchurch@georgetown.edu.

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Hidden in Plain View: Contemplative Dimensions of Liturgy

David Keller writes, "Every Eucharist is a contemplative experience.  All sacred space, liturgical vessels, artistic objects, music, and movvements of those who have been gathered at Mass draw us toward exterior and interior consciousness of the transforming energy of God."  Photo credit: Johan van Parys

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Liturgy and Contemplation (Part II)

This is the second part of Paul Colloton, OP's 2-part article about the relationship between liturgical prayer and contemplative prayer.

Read Part I of this 2-part article.

Photo credit: Paul Covino

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