Incarnation Cycle

We'll explore the Incarnation cycle -- the seasons of Advent, Christmas and the solemnity of Epiphany.  What's the underlying theology and spirituality of these seasons, and how does this influence our considerations for the environment of our worship spaces?

We'll also feature good work -- examples and ideas to help people engaged in the ministry of art and environment imagine and create.  We welcome your suggestions!  Do you have examples of and/or ideas for seasonal environment installations for the Incarnation cycle?  Or do you know people who do?  Write us at

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Using Inclusive Imagery to Support Participation in the Advent/Christmas Seasons

Jennifer Close considers how liturgical art can support participation in the liturgy through the use of inclusive imagery.

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Awe Inspiring Art Installation at Washington National Cathedral Takes Visitors on a Seasonal Journey

"Washington National Cathedral invites visitors to take a pilgrimage through the seasons of the Christian church with an exhibition of 18 unique banners by renowned liturgical artist Nancy Chinn."  Photos provided by the Washington National Cathedral.

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