A clear view of the chapel.
Parishioners enter the new office and classroom wing by walking a cross a new courtyard built on top of underground space. Arbor, at right, shades a skylight that feeds sunlight to the rooms below.
An 8-foot ceiling, second-floor office, and attic above were removed from the bell tower to bring light down into the vestibule.
By going underground, the addition preserved what little open space existed on the site.
The restrained features of the chapel were highlighted to recall its humble origins.
Second-floor offices were removed from the chapel.
Another image of the second-floor offices being removed from the chapel.
The original chapel.
Behind the original chapel, Kerns added new circulation space, an office wing, and a fellowship hall.
Main level plan.
Lower level plan.
Bronze altar and ambo by John Dreyfus.
Madonna and Child - sculpted from Carrara marble by Claire McArdie.
Reflection of crucifixion sculpture in bronze baptismal pool.
Close-up of bronze candleholder by John Dreyfus.